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Hard Labor Creek Plantation

Deer Hunting

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Hard Labor Creek Plantation offers great deer hunting opportunities for the serious hunter to Dads who want a place to hunt with their son or daughter.  Our ladder stands overlook food plots of oats, rye, and clover, while visibility through the woods can exceed 1/4 mile.  This makes for shooting at distances up to 300 yards possible.

Doe tags are available (free of charge).  Cleaning and transportation are provided upon request.  Please look at our rates page for season information and costs.

deer hunting of does and bucks

"You have, as you probably know, the only place in the country where whitetail deer can be hunted in February.  You also have a great deer population, and the aggressive management techniques you have in place are producing some really good deer, evidence of which is on my wall as I write this, in the form of a beautiful 8-pointer that I took the last day of our trip."  – Duane Price, Hartsville, South Carolina

"As we had veteran buck hunters in our party, only Kevin broke down and killed a freezer deer the last day.  That's not to say Ted's place doesn't have the deer.  Most of us saw deer every time we sat.  It was very warm and we actually hunted in shorts in the afternoons.  In the last four years I've been hunting Ted's place it was the first year I didn't get a shot at 8 points or better.  The other Mark saw a 6pt. that was 5 1/2 years, 20 inches wide and mature but held off following Ted's eight point rule." 
–Mark Davis, Shakespeare Fishing Tackle

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